Created by artist R.M. Sánchez-Camus, commissioned by Artangel, composed by Isa Suarez.


A work made in collaboration with CoolTan Arts.

© Van Gogh House London 2020

About ‘At the Crossroads with Vincent’

Narrating a unique journey that considers Van Gogh’s time at 87 Hackford Road, At the Crossroads with Vincent is a free downloadable audio walk that can be experienced and applied to any geographic location.


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Further Information

Between 1873 and 1874 Van Gogh was young and living in London. Soon a downward spiral saw him experience his first bout of depression, the loss of his job and ultimately eviction from this very house. Throughout this period he wrote many letters, mostly to his brother Theo, from which this walk has been created.

Developed in 2014 alongside artist Saskia Olde Wolbers’ Art Angel installation in the house, this work was a collaboration with Londoners who have experienced mental distress and shared their stories of the city. The words chosen have a universality that allows the listener to experience the piece at any location and still be moved emotionally and intellectually.

Re-published on our website during the Covid-19 lockdown, these 45 minutes will transport you and hopefully offer an relief from the times we are living in.